I would describe myself as an artist working in mixed media aiming to produce work which is continually evolving, inspired by colour, materials, our spirituality and responding to many aspects of the natural world.

I studied fine art at Chelsea School of Art, specialising in sculpture using wood and fabric and although I now use mainly paint and paper, my work contains elements of construction.

Paper has become vital in the creative process, it has strength, layers of paint  can be applied, it can be transformed when torn, cut or folded and so enable when working a continuous process of change. Using both prepared and found paper as collage the focus can be either on the materials or on a train of thought.

I am also interested in books as objects and as ‘artists books’. Book structures provide a link to other interests acting as a platform to express and highlight areas of concern.
In my most recent work I have become involved in how information can be organised, arranging objects that may relate to family as if on a page using colour and layers of paper.

I hope my work also encourages people to experiment and discover their self-expression through the use of materials and the practice of art techniques.I have taught Abstract painting with Hillingdon Adult Education and also run a small art group based in Eastcote.

Through leading classes with Hillingdon Adult Education and organising workshops I have continued to direct my skills towards encouraging others to experiment and discover their self-expression using a range of materials and practising a variety of art techniques . My involvement with local art groups and from connections made with Brunel University Arts Centre have enabled me to develop and extend my practice, providing a forum to become part of a supportive network of artists.